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International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Volume 1, Number 4
  1. Empirical Treatment of Acute Purulent Meningitis
    Benito Almirante, MD; and José A. Capdevila, MD

  2. Blood Culture Surveillance: What is Useful and Cost-Effective?
    Charles S. Bryan, MD

  1. Nasal Carriage of Multiresistant Staphylococcus aureus among Health Care Workers and Pediatric Patients in Two Hospitals in Mogadishu, Somalia
    Yassin A. Nur, MD; Marjolein F.Q. VandenBergh, MD; Mohamed A. Yusuf, MD; Alex van Belkum, PhD; and Henri A. Verbrugh, MD, PhD

  2. Strain Variation in Mycobacterium avium: Polymorphism of IS1110-Related Sequences
    Manolo Hernandez Perez, PhD; Zubair M. Kunze, PhD; Sheldon Brown, MD; Mitchell A. Yakrus, PhD; Johnjoe McFadden, PhD; and Jeremy W. Dale, PhD

  3. HIV Infection and Susceptibility to Epidemic Bacterial Infections among Rwandan Refugees
    Shlomo Maayan, MD; Nila Marks; Alexander Viterbro; Yona Zeide; Abraham Morag, MD; Lucien Neil, MD; Nurit Strauss, MsC; and Mervyn Shapiro, MD

  4. Nosocomial Gram-Negative Bacteremia
    Geoffrey D. Taylor, MD; Maureen Buchanan-Chell, BScN; Terri Kirkland, BScN; Margaret McKenzie, BScN; and Rhoda Wiens, BScN

  5. Two-Step Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for Detection of Yersinia Species in General and of Pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica Strains Specifically
    Paul T. Odinot, MSc; Jacques F.G.M. Meis, PhD, MD; Jo H.A.J. Curfs, PhD; Jacomina A.A. Hoogkamp-Korstanje, MD; and Willem J.G. Melchers, PhD

  1. Cholera and Sliced Fruit: Probable Secondary Transmission from an Asymptomatic Carrier in the United States
    Marta Ackers, MD; Remedios Pagaduan, PHN; Georgiana Hart, PHN; Katherine D. Greene, AS; Sharon Abbott, BS; Eric Mintz, MD, MPH; and Robert V. Tauxe, MD, MPH

  2. Vibrio hollisae Bacteremia in an Immunocompetent Host: Case Report and Review
    Andrew F. Shorr, MD, MPH; Kimberly Moran, MD; Peter McEvoy, MD; and Raymond Chung, MD

  1. Cryptosporidiosis in HIV-Infected Persons: Prevalence in a New York City Population
    Kim Li Spencer, MD; Rosemary Soave, MD; Alberto Acosta, MD; Bruce Gellin, MD, MPH; Amy Prince, BS; Leticia Ramos, BS; and Jonathan Jacobs, MD

  1. Infections in Renal Allograft Recipients: A Review of the Philippine Experience
    Myrna T. Mendoza, MD; Rosemarie R. Liquete, MD; Enrique T. Ona, MD; and Filoteo A. Alano, MD

  2. A Role for Combined Vaccination against Hepatitis A and B?
    Christian Fessard, MD; and Jay S. Keystone, MD

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