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International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Volume 2, Number 4
  1. International Journal of Infectious Diseases Status Report
    Donald Armstrong, MD; and Edward M. Bernard, BA

  2. Host Factors that Affect Sexual Transmission of HIV
    Oren J. Cohen, MD; and Anthony S. Fauci, MD

  1. CD3+CD8+ Cell Levels as Predictors of Transmission in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Couples: A Report from the Heterosexual HIV Transmission Study
    Thomas N. Denny, BS; Joan H. Skurnick, PhD; Paul Palumbo, MD; George Perez, MD; Raymond Monel, MS; Richard Stephens, PhD; Cheryl A. Kennedy, MD; and Donald B. Louria, MD

  2. Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity of a Combined Hepatitis A-Hepatitis B Vaccine in Adolescents
    Sandra C. Thompson, PhD; and Maureen Norris, RN

  3. Expansion of Epidemic Dengue Viral Infections to Pakistan
    Rose Elaine Paul, MB, BS; Amina Yousuf Patel, MB, BS; Shaper Mirza, MSc; Susan P. Fisher-Hoch, MD; and Stephen P. Luby, MD

  4. Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 and 2 in a Turkish Blood Donor Population
    Imre Altuglu, MD; Ayca Arzu Sayiner, MD; Selda Erensoy, MD; Aysin Zeytinoglu, MD; and Altinay Bilgiç, MD

  5. Varicella Infection and Pneumonia among Adults
    R. Nicholas H. Pugh, MD; Rashad I. Omar, MB; and M. Moshaddeque Hossain, PhD

  6. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteremia: An Analysis of 123 Episodes, with Particular Emphasis on the Effect of Antibiotic Therapy
    Yardena Siegman-Igra, MD; Ramit Ravona, MD; Hedva Primerman, MSc; and Michael Giladi, MD

  7. Molecular Analysis of the a Determinant of HBsAg in Children of HBeAg-Positive Mothers upon Failure of Postexposure Prophylaxis
    Yong Poovorawan, MD; Apiradee Theamboonlers, BSc; Voranush Chongsrisawat, MD; and Suwimol Sanpavat, MD

  8. Evaluation of the Serologic Response against Two Consensus V3 Loop Peptides from Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 in Cuban Patients
    Johandra Miguez, MSc; Josˇ Laferté, PhD; Yahisel Tejero; Grehete González, MSc; Anselmo J. Otero, PhD; Juan Rivero, MD; and Carlos Duarte, PhD

  1. Septic Shock in a 31-Year-Old Male with a Superficial Bladder Tumor
    Henry M. Frey, MD

  1. Catheter-Related Infection: An Update on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
    Josep Anton Capdevila, MD

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