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International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Volume 6, Number 1, March 2002
  1. Message from the new Editor-in-Chief
    Jonathan Cohen

  2. Towards building truly global professional associations: the role of the international congresses
    Timothy F. Brewer and Jean-Paul Butzler

  1. ProMED_mail for IJID
    Dan S. Shapiro

  2. ProMED-Update
    Dan S. Shapiro and Fiona Cooke

  1. Varicella pneumonia in patients with HIV/AIDS
    Mirjana Popara, Stella Pendle, Leonard Sacks, Raymond A. Smego, Jr. and Mervin Mer

  2. Clinical and epidemiological aspects of human immunodeficiency virus-1 infected children in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Aurelia A. Fallo, Wanda Dobrzanski-Nisiewicz, Nora Sordelli, Maria Alejandra Cattaneo, Gwedolyn Scott and Eduardo L. Lopez

  3. Changes in bloodstream infections in HIV-positive patients in a university hospital in Spain (1995-1997)
    Ma Luisa Pedro-Botet, J. M. Modol, X. Valles, J. Romeu, N. Sopena, M. Gimenez, J. Tor, B. Clotet and M. Sabria

  4. The role of injection drug use in the emergence of HIV in Estonia
    Anneli Uuskula, Nelli Kalikova, Kai Zilmer, Lea Tammai and Jack DeHovitz

  5. Treatment failure in intestinal Strongyloidiasis: an indicator for HTLV-1 infection
    Angelica Terashima, Humberto Alvarez, Raul Tello, Rosa Infante, David O. Freedman and Eduardo Gotuzzo

  6. Identification of Tula hantavirus in Pitymys subterraneus captured in the Cacak region of Serbia-Yugoslavia
    Jin-Won Song, Ana Gligic and Richard Yanagihara

  7. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of oromucosal low-dose interferon following prednisone withdrawal for chronic hepatitis B infection in Filipino patients
    Thelma E. Tupasi, Vilma M. Co, Socorro M. Clarin, Evelyn T. Alesna, Ella Mae S. Divinagracia and Nellie V. Mangubat

  8. Measles IgG seroprevalence prior to mass vaccination in Taiwan
    Min-Shi Lee, D. James Nokes, Ying-Chang Wu, Yao-Hsiung Huang and Chih-Feng Lu

  9. Characterization of pyrazinamide and ofloxacin resistance among drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Singapore
    Ann S.G. Lee, Lynn L.H. Tang, Irene H.K. Lim and Sin Yew Wong

  10. Prognostic factors of death in leptospirosis: a prospective cohort study in Khon Kaen, Thailand
    Thanchai Panaphut, Somnuek Domrongkitchaiporn and Bandit Thinkamrop

  11. A pilot study of treatment of Buruli ulcer with rifampin and dapsone
    David K. Espey, Gaston Djomand, Idrissa Diomande, Mireille Dosso, Mathieu Z. Saki, Jean-Marie Kanga, Richard A. Spiegel, Barbara J. Marston, Leo Gorelkin, Wayne M. Meyers, Francoise Portaels, Michael S. Deming and C. Robert Horsburgh

  12. Pediatric visceral leishmaniasis in Albania
    Gjeorgjina Lito, Farzin Davachi, Genc Sulsebe, Hamide Bregu and Mira Basha

  13. Bacteremias due to Escherichia coli in cancer patients - analysis of 65 episodes
    Vladimir Krcmery, Stanislav Spanik, Mariana Mrazova, Jan Trupl, Silvia Grausova, Eva Grey, Eva Kukuckova, Milada Sulcova, Iveta Krupova and Pavol Koren

  14. Epidemiological observations of the judicious use of antibiotics in a pediatric teaching hospital
    Yamileth Mora, Maria L. Avila-Aguero, Maria A. Umana, Ana L. Jimenez, Maria M. Paris and Idis Faingezicht

  15. Extra-abdominal infections due to Gemella species
    Juan M. Garcia-Lechuz, Oscar Cuevas-Lobata, Susana Hernangomez, Anan Hermida, Jesus Guinea, Mercedes Marin, Teresa Pelaez and Emilio Bouza

  1. Cytomegalovirus infection in patients undergoing autologous PBSC transplantation
    Massimo Franchini, Sergio Pizzighella, Aurora Vassanelli, Paolo Rocca, Vittorio Meneghini, Dino Veneri, Giuseppe Lippi and Fabio Benedetti

  2. Partial recovery from rabies in a six-year-old girl
    S.N. Madhusudana, D. Nagaraj, M. Uday, E. Ratnavalli and M. Verendra Kumar

  3. Profound neutropenia and atypical lymphocytosis in a traveler to Ghana
    Jill A. Nord and Jay Ward Kislak

  4. A patient with pleural effusion, liver abscesses and thrombocytosis Victoria Bengualid, Kristin Lee, Andrew Lewis and Judith Berger

  1. Management of Infections in Immunocompromised Patients, Glauser MP, Pizzo A, eds.
    Andy I.M. Hoepelman

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